SOLVED! Your Complex Molding Projects An engineering-focused solution for your most demanding needs

Two-Shot Molding

Expertise in a wide range of two-shot and overmolding applications including multi-color and multi-material products. Allowing more productivity and reducing required steps to completion.

Scientific Analysis

Scientific Molding

RJG Certified master molders systematically eliminate variables that result in defective or low quality parts & increase overall manufacturing productivity and efficiency.

Engineered Resins

Whether PVC, Polycarbonate, ABS or SAN, leverage our experience working with 80+ engineering grade thermoplastic resins for the specific needs of your project. 

What Makes DMP Different?

With over 30 years of custom plastic injection molding experience, Design Molded Plastics is committed to providing our customers solutions through engineering and manufacturing expertise. Our engineering experience in a wide variety of applications and industries over the years, allows us to make recommendations with confidence that help our customers succeed. Our manufacturing facilities, equipment, and process engineers allow us to excel with complex, custom, and challenging projects. We understand how important it is to find a molder for your unique needs and are confident that our highly skilled team & finely-tuned processes will successfully produce, refine, and perfect your vision.

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What Our Customers Say

There’s no better way to get to know the company you’re trusting to manufacture what your business needs than seeing the process first-hand