Areas of Expertise

30 Years of Engineering & Manufacturing

With over 30 years of custom plastic injection molding experience, Design Molded Plastics is committed to providing our customers solutions through engineering and manufacturing expertise. Our engineering experience in a wide variety of applications and industries over the years, allows us to make recommendations with confidence that help our customers succeed. Our manufacturing facilities, equipment, and process engineers allow us to excel with complex, custom, and challenging projects.

Two-Shot Molding

Achieve Soft Exterior with Rigid Structure

Design Molded Plastics boasts rotary two-shot machine capability up to 500 ton.  Engineering design and tool build experience with a wide range of two-shot and overmolding applications including multi-color and multi-materials in a wide range of applications. Two-shot or multi-shot applications allow customers to achieve soft touch resins with internal rigid resins. Allow our team to help you with your multi-shot applications.

While two-shot molding has its advantages, the capital expense for a high-quality two-shot mold can be very expensive and may not make sense for all applications. Custom overmolding is another option for customers that can eliminate the need for a variety of secondary operations and assembly, saving time and money.

In-Mold Labeling

Efficient Labeling or Decoration

Design Molded Plastics has developed solutions for a variety of industries using decorative film which is inserted during the injection molding process, commonly known as in-mold labeling.  The most common labeling method, Hot Stamping is generally chosen for simplistic graphics which run one color at a time.  Once multiple colors or layers are introduced, IML is required in order to produce consistent, high-quality results.  This method of labeling is heat-transferred while your product is in the mold, rather than after, which also eliminates a final step of production.  This process is not easy, but our staff at Design Molded Plastics has the necessary experience and technology to succeed. 

Our engineering experience in a wide variety of applications and industries allows us to make recommendations with the confidence and authority that our customers rely on.

Scientific Molding

Allows Finite Control of Process

Scientific injection molding systematically eliminates variables that would result in defective or low quality parts. Design Molded Plastics is committed to investing in its employees, which in turn helps our customers. Our process engineers have been through various RJG training assessments. Multiple RJG certified master molders lead our process engineering team. RJG is the industry’s standard for injection molding training, and challenges individuals to become better problem solver and preventer!


  1. Increased manufacturing productivity
  2. Problem prevention through established process parameters
  3. Problem solving by trained process engineering experts

High-Heat Molding

For light-weight, high performance resins

Design Molded Plastics invests in equipment allowing us to process high-heat & high-performance resins.  Our mold temperature capabilities reach up to 390 degrees Fahrenheit.  High performance material selection aides in light weight, yet high-strength part performance.  These materials can be useful in metal to plastic applications that have demanding performance.  As materials continue to be increasingly more difficult and challenging to process, Design Molded Plastics has made the investments to support the ever-changing advances in resin technology.

Materials: PPS, PPA, PARA, PEEK, Carbon-filled PEEK

Metal to Plastic

Reduce Weight & Cost Simultaneously

We have extensive knowledge in metal to plastic conversions and many long-term partners that we have helped along the way. Aiding in many light-weighting and metal to plastic applications, is our knowledge of high-performance grade resins that can meet demanding applications in a wide range of industries.


Vertical Molding

Increased Productivity

Equipped with a 220 ton vertical molding machine with rotary table, Design Molded Plastics has become an expert at designing tooling and perfecting manufacturing procedures for over-molded parts. A rotary platen bottom half allows for increased productivity in over-molded applications. With two bottom halves of a mold, an operator is unloading finished goods and placing WIP parts onto second half of mold, while parts are being produced on the bottom first half.