Design Molded Plastics Provides Rapid Prototyping With Enhanced 3D Printing Capabilities

Design Molded Plastics Provides Rapid Prototyping With Enhanced 3D Printing Capabilities

Design Molded Plastics has added 3D printing to its capabilities, offering customers the ability to receive a quick, flexible, and cost-efficient method for prototyping, model making, and small production runs.

With this new capability, Design Molded can now combine a highly accurate look, feel, and functionality with nearly immediate turnaround. Moving directly from design files to production parts without the need for tooled components, rapid prototyping is an innovative tool for designers at many points in the product creation life cycle, including:

  • Ideation and concept
  • Detailed design
  • Design freeze
  • Design validation
  • Production setup
  • Short production runs

The new 3D printing technology – Objet500 Connex from Stratasys – provides true product rendering realism with more than 100 material options, 14 within a single job. It can print three base-model materials simultaneously. An enhanced design offers efficiencies in material changeover, finish, detailing, and toughness, as well as over-molding on the product structure in very thin layers for model accuracy.

The printer has a build envelope of 19.3” x 15.4” x 7.9” (500 x 400 x 200 mm), which is substantial enough to support large models or numerous parts at the same time.

This new capability supports the value-added, full-service engineering, tooling, and manufacturing services that Design Molded provides to its highly diversified customer base. Customers can expect full support throughout the duration of the project, now starting in the conceptualization phase. This new technology will not only assist designers and engineers in effectively demonstrating multi-material components in complex or assembled products, it will also allow for the generation of product enhancement or improvement ideas. Design Molded’s engineering group will be able to make recommendations for improved part functionality, reliability, and moldability, as well as cost-saving opportunities.

Founded in 1985, Design Molded Plastics is a custom injection molder with a reputation for providing outstanding technical capabilities and the highest quality manufactured products through the use of automated injection molding equipment. The company is considered expert manufacturers of components for protective equipment, home appliance, medical, automotive, and electronic products.

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